Employee Appreciation Day

What is the Employee Appreciation Day? It’s a time to say thank you to all the hard working hospitality employees on the Monterey Peninsula – there’s something for EVERYBODY! Over 1300 employees participate beginning with daylong activities ranging from kayaking to golf and the day culminates with friendly competitions between hospitality employees followed by awards and a BBQ for employees and their families Participate in as many events as time permits, and don’t miss the team competitions!

The day ends with an AWESOME BARBECUE! Hospitality employees and 1 guest are free of charge. (Each additional guest is $5.00). Children under 6 free! You must sign up in advance for tickets.

If you would like to participate on this committee contact:
Paula Calvetti | Hyatt Regency Monterey | (831) 657-6535

Schedule -(Set of Rules 2021)adobe_pdf_download_icon

8:00 am – (TBD) pm Soccer Competition (not included in overall competition)
3:00 pm  Bell Staff Competition
3:40 pm Napkin Folding
4:00 pm Bartending “Moscow Mule”
4:00 pm White Seafood Chowder Contest
4:15 pm Food & Beverage
4:45 pm Bartending – Specialty Drink – (Wear a hat for extra points)
5:15 pm Bedmaking
5:45 pm General Managers – Bell Cart Race (not judged as part of overall competition)